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Brand story

The first moment every morning when I meet myself in the mirror,

The last moment every night before you go to bed,

Bathroom is a part of your life already!


Are you perhaps too accustomed to using chemical ingredients?


The surfactants used in toothpaste are not only added in

households but are also utilized in pharmaceuticals and even

industrial applications, it’s very close from our daily life.


It’s the time to have a fun and a health life


How much toothpaste does an average human consume in their lifetime?

Every morning and night, you should brush your teeth everyday single day! You may think you spit and rinse your mouth very well. 


Sometimes, we are using a toothpaste when we clean or wash something, because it’s excellent detergent, so, is it safe if you swallow it?


Is there any safety toothpaste then?

We have started at this point.

You should brush your teeth everyday but for you whole lifetime, so we would like to make you feel safe, but you

never feel it’s annoying, if you meet us,


people does eat toothpaste about  92kg  for their entire life!

What if our everyday essentials had a hint of wit?

Can everyday essentials offer a little bit of fun in life?

We want to make your daily routine something fun and to look forward to


From the moment you wake up and brush your teeth to the end of your day,

                       will offer a little bit of fun wherever you are. We got your back!

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